11 Acupressure Points to Improve Memory and Concentration

Memory plays a very important role in our life. Every task/work becomes simple and easy when you have a sharp memory with concentration. Acupressure Points can improve your Memory Power and Concentration Ability in a few days. If you Apply Acupressure Points for Memory regularly, your brain will be relaxed and naturally focused on your work.

Acupressure Points to Improve Memory and Concentration

Acupressure Therapy is very effective in Increasing your Memory Power. You don’t need to visit a clinic or eat any tablet or powder. Just Massage a few Acupressure Points everyday and your Focus, Memory and Concentration Power will be Enhanced automatically. You can Apply Acupressure Points to Improve your Memory by yourself at your home and office.

The main reason behind Lack of Concentration is stress and anxiety. Children don’t have such problem as they are stress-free all the time. Acupressure works on Key Points for releasing stress and anxiety from your Brain. Here we provide Acupressure Points to regulate Brain Activity, Focus and Concentration as follows:

  1. Gates of Consciousness (GB20 Point)
  2. One Hundred Meeting Point (GV20 Point)
  3. Middle of a Person Point (GV26 Point)
  4. Bigger Rushing Point (LV3 Point)
  5. Heavenly Pillar Point (BL10 Point)
  6. Sea of Tranquility Point (CV17 Point)
  7. Third Eye Point (GV24.5 Point)
  8. Three Mile Point (ST36 Point)
  9. Sun Point
  10. Spirit Gate Point (HT7 Point)
  11. Inner Gate Point (PC6 Point)

Warning: Please Do NOT Try any of the above Acupressure Points on a Pregnant Woman, it may cause labor problems.

Acupressure Points to Increase Memory given above can be explained in detail as follows:

01. Gates of Consciousness (GB20 Point):

Acupressure Gates of Consciousness Point (GB20) gradually improves your Concentration Power. You can find the Gates of Consciousness Point in the hollows on both sides below the base of the skull. The exact place of this point is displayed in the picture below:

brain pressure pointsFind Gates of Consciousness Point and hold both points simultaneously with your thumbs. Keep firm pressure on these points for two minutes and release them. Regular Massage on Gates of Consciousness Point will help in Poor Concentration, Headache, Poor Memory and Arthritic Pain.

02. One Hundred Meeting Point (GV20 Point)

Acupressure One Hundred Meeting Point is useful to improve your Memory Power. This pressure point is also known as Governing Vessel 20 (GV20) Point. You can locate One Hundred Meeting Point on the crown of head between the cranial bones. Find out exact spot of GV20 Point as shown in the picture below:

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brain acupressure point
brain acupressure point

When you reach the One Hundred Meeting Point on your head, you will feel a slight depression between the cranial bones. Hold on the GV20 Point for one to two minutes. Applying pressure on GV20 Point will result in Improvement of Memory and Concentration Power. It will also heal your Headache.

03. Middle of a Person Point (GV26 Point)

Acupressure Middle of a Person Point provides benefits like Ability to Focus with Concentration. This point is also called Governing Vessel 26 (GV26) Point. The GV26 Point is situated just below your nose and  above your upper lip. You can refer the below picture to see where is GV26 Point on your face.


Acupressure Points to Improve Memory

Use your Index Finger or Thumb to Apply Pressure on Middle of a Person Point. Hold the pressure point for two minutes and release it. Acupressure GV26 Point will improve your Ability to Concentrate, Memory and also relieve fainting, cramps, dizziness etc.

04. Bigger Rushing Point (LV3 Point)

Acupressure Bigger Rushing Point is effective to give Mental Clarity. This point is also known as Liver 3 Point. The LV3 Point is located on your foot in the valley between first toe and second toe. It around two-three centimeters away from the gap of first and second toe as displayed in below picture:


acupressure points for memory

Apply firm pressure on Bigger Rushing Point with your thumb and leave it after one minute. Repeat the same process on other feet. If you stimulate Liver 3 Point regularly, it will provide relief in Fatigue, Headache, Weak Memory and Poor Concentration.

05. Heavenly Pillar Point (BL10 Point)

Acupressure Heavenly Pillar Point is helpful in improving Blood Circulation in Brain. The Bladder 10 Point is located on back side of head on the base of the skull. You can find exact location of Heavenly Pillar Point (BL10) in the picture given below:

brain pressure pointsUse both Thumbs and hold Heavenly Pill Point (both points together) for a few moments. Keep light pressure and release them after sometime. You will feel better circulation in brain and great relief in Stress, Sleeping Disorders, Heaviness in Head and Eyestrain.

06. Sea of Tranquility Point (CV17 Point)

Acupressure Sea of Tranquility Point makes your thinking clearer than earlier. This point is also known as Conception Vessel 17 Point. The CV17 pressure point is situated on the center of the breastbone, three thumbs width upside from the base of the bone. You can see the CV17 Point in below picture:

brain pressure pointsYou should apply mild pressure on Sea of Tranquility Point with your thumb and hold it for two minutes. Applying pressure on CV17 Point on a regular basis will result in Inhibiting Concentration, Clarity in Thinking, Reduce Depression, Anxiety, Sadness, Insomnia and Nervousness.

07. Third Eye Point (GV24.5 Point)

Acupressure Third Eye Point is very common point in Acupressure Therapy. The Governing Vessel 24.5 Point helps to increase Concentration Power and Memory. The Third Eye Point is situated in between the two eyebrows, above the edge of the nose as mentioned in picture given below:

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brain pressure pointsHold the Third Eye Point with your Index Finger or Thumb and press it firmly for two-three minutes. To stimulate the GV24.5 pressure point, you can use your left or right hand as you feel comfortable. When you massage Third Eye Point regularly, it will give benefits like Improvement in Memory, Concentration, Uplifting of Spirit and Clarity of Mind.

08. Three Mile Point (ST36 Point)

Acupressure Three Mile Point gives Strength to your Mind as well as Body. This point is also known as Stomach 36 Point. You can find out ST36 Point four centimeters below the kneecap, one finger width outside the shinbone. Just see the picture below to know exact place of Three Mile Point.

11 Acupressure Points to Improve Memory and ConcentrationPress the ST36 Point with your Thumb on one both the legs. You can stimulate ST36 Point on both legs simultaneously or one by one as your prefer. Massage Three Mile Point on daily basis to get Clarity of Mind/Thoughts, Strengthen your Mind and Body.

09. Sun Point

Acupressure Sun Point is useful to reduce Mental Stress which directly affects your Concentration Power. The Sun Point is situated at one & half inches outside the eyebrows. It is found in the depression between temples as displayed in the picture below:

Acupressure Points to Improve Memory You should use your Index Finger or Middle Finger to press Sun Point on both sides of head. Massage the Sun Point for two minutes and release it. When you stimulate Sun Point regularly, you will feel that your Memory and Concentration Power are improved. In addition, Sun Point will relieve Mental Stress, Headache and Dizziness.

10. Spirit Gate Point (HT7 Point)

Acupressure Spirit Gate Point is useful for people who often forget important things. It is also known as Heart 7 Point and is situated at the ulnar end of the transverse wrist crease, in the depression between inner bone of the arm and the wrist. Kindly check the below picture to locate Spirit Gate Point on the wrist of your left hand and right hand.

brain acupressure point
brain acupressure point

The Spirit Gate Point is very effective for poor memory problem. You should apply firm pressure on HT7 Point on left hand with with the thumb of right hand and vice versa. Applying pressure on Heart 7 Point will improve memory as well as relieve stress, anxiety, palpitations due to fear, chest pain, cardiac pain, insomnia and epilepsy.

11. Inner Gate Point (PC6 Point)

Acupressure Inner Gate Point is the last pressure point for improving memory. It is also known as Pericardium 6 Point and PC6 or P6 for short. The Inner Gate Point is situated on the palm side of the wrist, 3 finger width above the wrist crease. The exact location of PC6 Point is between two tendons called palmaris longus and flexor calpi radialis.

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acupressure points for memory
acupressure points for memory

You can locate the Inner Gate Point on your hand(s) with help of the above picture. Find and apply firm pressure on PC6 Point for 1 minute on the left hand and 1 minute on the right hand. Stimulating Inner Gate Point everyday will improve memory and relieve unnecessary fear, sadness, depression, hiccups, nausea, asthma, chest congestion, insomnia and menstrual issues.

Other Treatments to Improve Memory and their Side Effects

There are so many Medicines, Tablets available in market which claim to increase your Memory Power. Some Powders are also available at your nearby Medical Stores. However these products are very expensive and have Side Effects which may harm other parts of your body.

So, you should prefer Acupressure Therapy for enhancing your Memory and Concentration as it has Zero Side Effects. In addition, you don’t need any doctor’s prescription to apply these pressure points for improving memory and concentration power except you have any serious disease.


We strongly recommend to consult a doctor before applying acupressure points for memory and concentration on People with critical diseases related to heart or kidney or liver or any neurological disorder.

FAQs about Pressure Points to Improve Memory

The acupressure points are effective to improve memory, concentration and focus abilities of a person. However, some people still doubt if it really works. Here we provide some questions related to memory issues and how acupressure works on them. Kindly read all FAQs and their answers to clear your doubts.

Q.1 Does acupressure help with memory?

Yes, acupressure does help with memory, you just need to apply acupressure points for memory and concentration to see effective results in a few days.

Q.2 What are the acupressure points for concentration?

GB20, GV26, LV3, CV17 and GV24.5 are the acupressure points for concentration. You should apply these pressure points regularly to increase your ability to concentrate on your work.

Q.3 What is the best pressure point for forgetfulness?

GV20 is the best pressure point for forgetfulness. You can also apply LV3, BL10 and HT7 Points to get rid of forgetfulness faster by improving your memory.

Wrapping Up:

Acupressure Points to Improve Memory and Concentration Power mentioned above are effective as per our research and experience. You should apply these pressure points on yourself or anyone to resolve poor memory or concentration issues.

In case you have a doubt on any of the pressure points or you want to know more, you can ask us in the comment section. We will review your queries and reply with a proper solution.

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