Acupressure Points for Self Treatment

Self Healing Pressure Points to Boost Immune System

Acupressure is one of the most popular therapies for Self Treatment. Acupressure technique has a few common pressure points that are very effective for Self Healing. Any person, who has a little knowledge about Acupressure, can easily apply Acupressure Points for Self Treatment at home. Acupressure Points for Self Treatment are helpful to reduce day-to-day … Read more

Acupressure Points for Gas and Stomach Ache

Acupressure Points for Gas Relief and Stomach Ache

The digestion problems like gas or bloating can occur in any person and they also cause stomach ache plus discomfort. In order to get quick relief, we suggest to use acupressure points for gas and stomach ache problem. Here we are going to share the most effective pressure points for gas relief and stomach pain. … Read more

Reflexology: Benefits and Limitations

Reflexology has many benefits as well as some limitations also. Here we will discuss about Reflexology Benefits and Limitations. What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a very old Chinese Acupressure Technique that is helpful to heal various deceases. Reflexology works on energy pathways of Human Body to cure the problems. Reflexology works on several pressure points … Read more

Top 5 Acupressure Mats Online

Top 5 Acupressure Mats / 5 Best Acupressure Mats: Acupressure Mats are very effective and useful in present time. Nowadays lots of people are suffering from back pain, stress, sleeping disorders, shoulder tension, neck pain, headache, etc. Many people go for medication, but the medicines / tablets (conventional medicines) can give relief temporarily. As you … Read more

pressure point for heartburn

Acupressure Points for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

When you eat heavy meals with acidic food items, it may cause acid reflux and heartburn problems. The heartburn is a burning sensation/pain that makes you feel uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on your work. Therefore we suggest you to apply acupressure points for heartburn relief to heal heartburn and related issues. The acupressure points … Read more

Pressure Points for Headache

11 Effective Pressure Points for Headache Relief with Diagram

Are you suffering from Headache and Migraine and looking for How to Use Acupressure Points for Headache and Migraine. Here we provide some effective Acupressure Points for Headache and Migraine. Acupressure Points can heal any kind of Headaches caused by Fever, Cold and Muscle tension etc. Medicines that we often use for Headaches or Migraine … Read more

Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

8 Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

One of the most common problems in people is Heavy Weight. Here we are going to discuss about¬†Most Common Acupressure Points for Weight Loss. Acupressure Points are very helpful for Weight Loss. Acupressure is the easiest way to Lose Weight by stimulating pressure Points. By massaging some Acupressure Points, anyone can lose weight easily. Acupressure … Read more