Foot Reflexology Chart – Complete Guide for Reflexology Foot Chart

Foot Reflexology Chart is a very important tool to recognize Foot Reflexology Points. The Reflexology Foot Chart is a part of Foot Reflexology which is an Acupressure Therapy developed in America. The aim of Reflexology (Chart) Therapy is to regulate immune system & blood circulation in body. Reflexology is divided into four types as follows:

  1. Foot Reflexology
  2. Hand Reflexology
  3. Face Reflexology
  4. Ear Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is very easy to understand. All you need to learn is available in Foot Reflexology Chart. Once you go through Foot Reflexology Chart, you are able to apply Reflexology Therapy for Self Treatment. Here we are going to discuss about Foot Reflexology Chart including Basic Reflexology Area on Foot, Reflexology Foot Sole Chart, Reflexology Foot Outside Chart, Reflexology Foot Inside Chart and Reflexology Foot Toes Chart.

Foot Reflexology Chart – Complete Guide for Reflexology Foot Chart

As we go through Foot Reflexology Chart, we will discuss about each Reflexology Point situated on every spot of Foot. Each Reflexology Point on Foot Chart is directly associated with an Organ of your body. With help of Reflexology Foot Chart, you can heal yourself with some easy steps to massage and stimulate of Reflexology Points. Reflexology Foot Chart has one Basic Reflexology Area and Four Reflexology Charts mentioned below:

Foot Reflexology Chart

  • Basic Reflexology Area on Foot
  1. Foot Reflexology Sole Chart
  2. Foot Reflexology Outside Chart
  3. Foot Reflexology Inside Chart
  4. Foot Reflexology Toes Chart

The Basic Reflexology Area and Foot Reflexology Charts (mentioned above) can be explained in detail as under:

Basic Reflexology Area on Foot:

Foot Reflexology Chart

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Before we move towards Reflexology Foot Charts, let us know the Basic Reflexology Area on Foot. The Basic Reflexology Area describes whole body i.e. major organs of body in Foot area. After knowing Basic Reflexology Area on Foot, you will be able to know on which organ you are focusing while massaging your foot. As displayed in picture above, the basic area includes whole body. You must keep in mind that the right foot is associated with right part of your body and so the left foot with left side.

The Toes of your Foot indicate Head and Neck. That means when you massage your Toes using Reflexology Therapy, you are working on your Head and Neck. The inside of both feet is correlated with Spine. The dark area underneath Toes is your Chest. The thinnest division of your foot is your waist line. That means Stomach is on above side of Waist line and the Intestine should be on below side. The bottom of your Foot is Pelvic Area. As we know that the Stomach is situated on left side of body, the Reflexology area of Stomach is found on left foot.

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  1. Foot Reflexology Sole Chart:
Reflexology Foot Chart


The Foot Reflexology Sole Chart is very simple and easy to learn. If you are doing Reflexology for the first time, it is the best chart for you. The Foot Reflexology Sole Chart (displayed above) is simple as it clearly mentions the exact organs of body. With help of Foot Reflexology Sole Chart blueprint, you can heal the tension/pain of a particular organ by massaging that area on Foot.

Illustration01: If you have eyestrain/pain in eyes/eye fatigue or any other eye related problem, you should find the Eyes area on your both feet. The Eyes area is situated on Second & Third Toes including below area as displayed in above drawing. Use your hands and apply pressure with your hand on that particular area. Hold that point for a few seconds and leave. Massage the Eyes area to reflex it. You can repeat the procedure for more relief. Apply Reflexology Massage on both feet one by one to get relief in Eyestrain or other related problem.

Illustration02: If you have trouble with ears, you can apply the Reflexology Foot Massage/Pressure on Ears’ spots as mentioned in above Chart. The procedure will be the same as eyes. So with use of Foot Reflexology Sole Chart, you can easily reflex or stimulate a particular foot area associated with the relevant Organ.

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  1. Foot Reflexology Outside Chart:
Reflexology Foot Chart

The Foot Reflexology Outside Chart is displaying various parts of body situated on Outside of Foot. The Outside view of Reflexology Foot Chart is helpful to apply Reflexology therapy and get relief in pain/ache of related organ. The Lymphatic System, Knee, Sciatic Nerve, Elbow, Shoulder, Chest etc. areas are situated on Outside view of Foot Reflexology Chart.

Illustration01: If you have tension in Elbow, you can heal yourself. Find the Elbow area as shown in above drawing. Apply gentle pressure and massage the area with your Thumb. The right elbow area is on right foot and left elbow area is located on left foot. Massage the Elbow area for a few moments. You can repeat the process as well as apply the massage for two/three times a day for faster relief in Elbow tension/pain.

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  1. Foot Reflexology Inside Chart:
Reflexology Foot Chart

The Inside View of Foot Reflexology Chart includes many important Reflexology Points/Areas of body. The Foot Reflexology Inside Chart includes Lymphatic System, Groin Area, Sciatic Nerve, Bladder, Spine etc. So by knowing the Foot Reflexology Inside Chart, you can do self treatment of a disease. The Inside view of Foot Reflexology Chart indicates some important parts of body.

Illustration01: If you have trouble with Chest or any other part related with Chest, you can heal yourself with Reflexology therapy by massaging the Chest Area. The Chest Area is located on Inside of Foot Reflexology Chart as shown in above diagram. Massage the Chest area with your hand to get relief in Chest tension. Repeat the massage two-three times in a day for better result.

  1. Foot Reflexology Toes Chart:
Foot Reflexology Toes Chart

The Foot Reflexology Toes Chart contains Meridians on Toes. The Meridian Points are situated on Toes of your Foot. The Foot Reflexology Meridian Points are located on Big Toe, Second Toe, Fourth Toe and Last Toe. The Foot Reflexology Toes Chart includes Meridian Points of Bladder, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Liver and Spleen. By learning the Meridian Points situated on Toes, you will be able to relieve yourself through stimulating the Meridian Points. Apply gentle pressure on Toes Meridian Points clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively to get faster relief.

Foot Reflexology Chart NOTE:

The Foot Reflexology Chart and the diagrams explained above are best of our knowledge and research. However, the purpose of describing Foot Reflexology Chart is to provide the best information about applying Foot Reflexology therapy. It is advisable to consult a Reflexology Doctor or Expert before applying Foot Reflexology Chart. You can ask the Reflexology Expert to select a suitable Foot Reflexology Chart for you to get best results. If you have any doubt about Foot Reflexology Chart or applying technique, kindly consult a Reflexology Expert/Doctor.

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