8 Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

One of the most common problems in people is Heavy Weight. Here we are going to discuss about Most Common Acupressure Points for Weight Loss. Acupressure Points are very helpful for Weight Loss. Acupressure is the easiest way to Lose Weight by stimulating pressure Points. By massaging some Acupressure Points, anyone can lose weight easily.

Acupressure not only helps you to lose weight but also improves your Digestive System to improve your overall health. Other ideas of losing weight like workout or strict diet plans are hard and very stressful for working people. But Acupressure is neither stressful nor boring for any person because it relaxes the mind and body.

Acupressure Points for Weight Loss work step-by-step in a person’s body. The Person who wants to Lose Weight by Acupressure Points, should follow the steps we are going to share here. The Process of Acupressure Points for Weight Loss is given below:

  1. Decrease the Craving (Over Hunger) for Food
  2. Make the Appetite Stable
  3. Raise Awareness for Eating consciously
  4. Practice the Acupressure Points for Weight Loss on daily basis

Acupressure Points for Weight Loss work on Proper Appetite as well as on Digestive System, so the relevant person can lose weight with maintaining good health. The person is required to practice the Acupressure Points for Weight Loss by self at home or they can consult an Acupressure Practitioner.

There are several Acupressure Points for Weight Loss that we have described as under:

Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

Ear Point:

Image Source: ehow.com
Image Source: ehow.com

The Ear Point is also called Appetite Control Point. Ear Point works on controlling the Over Eating due to Craving for food (i.e. too much Hunger). The Ear Point is located at same as displayed in Picture. To find the Ear Point, move your hand towards the Jaw and bring it up and down. Find the Point which is most active, i.e. movement. As you find the Active Point near your Ear jaw, Press the Point for 1 Minute and maximum 3 Minutes.

Acupressure Ear Point for Weight Loss will help you Balance your Appetite and Stops you over eating of foods. The Regular Practice of Ear Point makes you more conscious about Eating, i.e. you become aware of Eating Limit.

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Abdomen Point:

Image Source: natural-health-for-fertility.com
Image Source: natural-health-for-fertility.com

The Abdomen Point is the Next Step towards Acupressure Points for Weight Loss. The Abdomen Point is situated near your Navel. The exact place of Abdomen Point in under the Navel. The distance between Navel and Abdomen Point is near about three fingers (i.e. 3 Centimeters). As you find the Abdomen Point, you need to massage around with the help of two fingers. And then Press the Abdomen Point (Exact Place) for 2 Minutes with firm pressure.

Acupressure Abdomen Point for Weight Loss will help you to Improve your Digestion System and also help in Constipation Problem. The Abdomen Point recovers the Functioning of Digestive System and reducing the Constipation.

Abdominal Sorrow Point:

Image Source: Acupressure.com
Image Source: Acupressure.com

The Abdominal Sorrow Point is located above the Stomach. To find the Abdominal Sorrow Point, Start from Right Line of Ear Lobe and you will find the Point at the end of Last Rib of the ribcage (Same as displayed in Picture). Generally the Abdominal Sorrow Point is below the last rib. As you find the Abdominal Sorrow Point(s), Press the Point up to 5 minutes on daily basis.

Acupressure Abdominal Sorrow Point for Weight Loss will help you in Reducing Indigestion, Relief in Ulcers and also reduce Pain in ribs. Abdominal Sorrow Point will also balance the Appetite.

Knee Point:

Acupresure Knee Point for weight LossThe Acupressure Knee Point is directly connected with your Stomach. The Knee Point is situated under the Knees in both feet. The Knee Point exactly located at 4 to 5 centimeters distance below the Knee. Move your fingers over there and find the Knee Point. As you find the Acupressure Knee Point you need bend your leg from knee. If you feel the movement on the Surface (where you have put on your Finger(s), you have got Knee Point. Apply Pressure for 2 minutes on you Knee Point. Knee Point is most important for Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

Acupressure Knee Point for Weight Loss will help you in Improving your Digestion System in your Stomach, Nourish the blood and Decreases unnecessary Hunger. You will feel the change in your body if you practice it on daily basis.

Ankle Point:

Acupressure Ankle Point for Weight LossAcupressure Ankle Point is for the Spleen i.e. Organ that works on Digestion. The Ankle Point is located at inner side of the Leg above the Ankle in both feet. To find the Ankle Point, move your hand upper side, begin your Ankle. The Ankle Point is exactly situated on the above side of Ankle around 2 Inches distance on inner side. As you find the Ankle Point, Press it for 1 minute with your Thumb / Knuckle. Please DO NOT apply this Acupressure Points for Weight Loss if you are Pregnant.

Acupressure Ankle Point for Weight Loss will help you to Improve the Strength of your Digestive System and also help in reducing of Wastes. Ankle Point works on Functioning of Digestion.

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Elbow Point:

Image Source: searchhomeremedy.com
Image Source: searchhomeremedy.com

The Acupressure Elbow Point is located in the inner side of your Elbow. Find your Elbow Point by Put your one hand near your chest along with your elbow bended. Put your other hand’s Finger or Thumb on your Elbow and move toward inner side. The exact place of Elbow Point is as displayed in Picture below. Elbow Point is large intestine point. As you find the Elbow Point, put pressure with your Thumb for 1 minute. Then you can apply the same procedure on other hand.

Acupressure Elbow Point for Weight Loss is for Motivating the Large Intestine Functions. The Elbow Point will help you to Remove Excess Heat and Unnecessary Moisture from your body. Elbow Point also Reduces Waste of Water from your body.

Governing Vessel 26 Point (GV26):

Governing Vessel 26 Point

Acupressure Governing Vessel 26 Point is an important pressure point for Weight Loss. The GV26 Point is situated in between your nose and upper lip. You can locate the GV26 Point just below your nose and above the upper lip as shown in above picture.

Apply firm pressure on Governing Vessel 26 Point for two minutes to Control your Appetite which will help you to Lose Weight. In addition, GV26 Point will relieve Cramps, Dizziness, Collapse, Fainting, Epilepsy, Convulsions, Chest Pain and Mental Disorders.

Large Intestine 4 Point (LI4):

Acupressure Points for Weight LossAcupressure Large Intestine 4 Point is the most popular point in Acupressure Therapy. The LI4 Point is found in the valley between your thumb and index finger, therefore it’s also called Union Valley Point. Apply firm pressure on LI4 Point with your Thumb on both hands one by another. The Large Intestine 4 Point will relieve Constipation and Cleanse Digestive Tract which will help to Lose Weight naturally.

Do Acupressure Points Help in Weight Loss?

Yes, acupressure points help in weight loss with daily stimulation of pressure points. The acupressure points help you to lose weight gradually but it seems like a mystery until you know how it works. So, let us discuss the connection between acupressure points and weight loss process in the human body.

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The traditional medicine & health experts claim that the reason for extra weight gain in any person is because of energy imbalance in the body. The acupressure points for weight loss stimulate the meridians to create the energy balance in the body. When the energy is balanced, the relevant person loses weight and his/her body remains in its ideal weight range.

The acupressure points for weight loss help to control/reduce craving for food to prevent overeating as well as improve digestion system and metabolism plus reduce stress level. These factors affect overall weight of a person and regular practice of pressure points for weight loss for 10-12 weeks can show actual reduction in weight.

So, this is how acupressure points work on your over-hunger (craving for food), digestion and metabolism to help you lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

The correct knowledge of acupressure points can actually help in weight loss and fat reduction. There are some questions about losing weight with acupressure and we are going to answer them here. Kindly read all the FAQs shared below.

Q.1 Is there a pressure point to lose weight?

Yes, there is a pressure points to lose weight, find LI4 pressure points in the valley between the thumb & index finger and apply moderate pressure on it relieve constipation and cleanse digestive tract to help you lose weight naturally.

Q.2 Can acupressure reduce belly fat?

Yes, acupressure can reduce belly fat, you just need to apply the pressure points for weight loss regularly to reduce belly fat in a few weeks.

Q.3 What are the acupressure points for weight loss?

The acupressure points for weight loss are Large Intestine 4 Point, Governing Vessel 26 Point, Stomach 36 Point, Elbow Point, Ankle Point, Abdomen Point, Abdominal Sorrow Point and Ear Point.

Q.4 Does acupressure help with weight loss?

Yes, the acupressure helps with weight loss by controlling your appetite (over-hunger), cleansing digestive tract, relieving constipation, improving digestion system and increasing metabolism.


Acupressure Points for Weight Loss (as mentioned above) are best of our knowledge and research. You can practice these pressure points regularly at home to lose weight and become healthier than ever.

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