Acupressure Points for Gas Relief and Stomach Ache

The digestion problems like gas or bloating can occur in any person and they also cause stomach ache plus discomfort. In order to get quick relief, we suggest to use acupressure points for gas and stomach ache problem. Here we are going to share the most effective pressure points for gas relief and stomach pain.

The acupressure points for gas and digestion problems relieve gas trapped in stomach and regulate the digestion system. So, you can get rid of gas, acidity, burning sensation in stomach/abdomen and other digestion issues with some easy acupressure points that we will suggest here.


Acupressure Points for Gas Relief and Stomach Ache

Acupressure Points have several spots on Feet, Knees, Hands and Stomach which should be stimulated on daily basis. Here we will discuss about Acupressure Points for Gas in Stomach and Digestion Problems as well as applying techniques and benefits.

  1. Stomach Points
  2. Underneath Knee Points
  3. Foot Point
  4. Lower Back Points
  5. Hand Point

Now, we will explain all pressure points for gas relief in detail to help you learn and use them for self treatment at home.

Acupressure Points for Gas on Stomach

Center of Power (CV12) & Sea of Energy (CV6):

Image Source:
Image Source:

Stomach Points are situated on middle line of the body. Find one stomach point 4-inch above the Navel (Center of Power – CV12) and find another point 1.5-inch under the Navel (Sea of Energy – CV6). Find both the stomach points as displayed in above picture.

Apply pressure on the stomach points regularly to get relief in Gas and other stomach problems. With CV12 and CV6 pressure points, you can heal stomach pain, abdominal contraction, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, lower back pain, emotional stress and frustration. To get  faster results, practice the Acupressure Stomach Points on a regular basis.

Must Read: Please do not apply pressure on stomach points if the person has a critical disease like Heart Disease or High Blood Pressure or Cancer.

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Acupressure Points for Gas on Leg

Three Mile Point (ST36):

Acupressure Points to Relieve GasUnderneath Knee Points are situated below your knee cap. Find the Underneath Knee Points  (ST36) below 3 to 4 centimeters of the Knee cap on both legs. On finding the Underneath Knee Points, put your thumb or finger on that point and move your foot.  The active muscle at ST36 point will help you recognize the point easily.

The Underneath Knee Points are situated at the place as displayed in above picture. Apply firm pressure on the Underneath Knee Points. Acupressure Underneath Knee Points are helpful in improvement of digestion system, stomach-aches and stomach exhaustion.

Spleen 6 (SP6):

acupressure points for gasSpleen 6 point is situated above the ankle bone, on backside of the shinbone. On back of your leg, find the SP6 pressure point at 4 centimeters above the ankle bone. Kindly refer the above picture to reach Spleen 6 point on your feet.

After you recognize the Spleen 6 point on left and right feet, apply pressure on it for 1 minute, then release. The Spleen 6 (SP6) pressure point is useful to relieve indigestion, bloating, stomach heaviness, digestive disorders and lower abdominal pain.

Note: Please do NOT apply SP6 point on a pregnant woman as this pressure point induces labor.

Acupressure Points for Gas on Foot

Grandfather Grandson (SP4):

Image Source:
Image Source:

The Foot Point is situated on the curve about 1 to 1.25 centimeters gap from Ankle. As you find the Acupressure Foot Point for Gas and Stomach problems, apply pressure on the SP4 point spot. The exact place of Foot Point is as displayed in above picture. Applying pressure on Foot Point every day will reduce abdominal pain, stomach aches, diarrhea and anxiety.

Acupressure Points for Gas on Back

Sea of Vitality (B23 and B47):

Sea of Vitality Acupressure points for Stomach Problem

Lower Back Points are situated on back in lower side on waist level. Lower Back Points are also called Sea of Vitality (B23 and B47). Find the Lower Back Points 2 to 4 centimeters away from the spine on left and right sides.

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Acupressure Lower Back Points are easy to find as displayed in above picture. Apply pressure on the lower back points to get benefits like relief in stomach pain, indigestions and reducing the abdominal pain.

Stomach’s Hollow – Bladder 21 (BL21):

acupressure points for gas and constipation

Bladder 21 Point is also situated on the back at one and a half cun (1.5 thumb) lateral to the lower border of spinous process of T12. The Bladder 21 (BL21) point is also known as Stomach’s Hollow, you can locate it with help of the picture given above.

As you reach Acupressure Bladder 21 Point, apply firm pressure on it with your thumb for 1-2 minutes. By applying pressure on Stomach’s Hollow (B21) point, you can get relief in indigestion, gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, abdominal pain, gastric reflux and diarrhea.

Note: Please do not apply pressure on Lower Back Points if you have weakness in your back. Do not apply pressure on joint discs or a part which is fractured. Applying pressure on such body parts may lead to a worse condition.

Acupressure Points for Gas on Hand

Inner Gate (P6/PC6):

Acupressure Hand PointThe Hand Point is situated in the backside of wrist. Hand Point is mainly named Inner Gate Point (P6 or PC6). The exact point for Inner Gate Point is in the middle of the backside of wrist. The Hand Point is situated at the spot as displayed in picture.

As you find the inner gate, apply gentle pressure on daily basis. Stimulating Hand Point will help you in reducing anxiety, improve digestion, give relief in nausea and eliminate stomach-aches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get relief in gas and digestion problems with help acupressure points. Here we provide some important questions about how to use acupressure points for relieve gas and relevant issues. Kindly read all FAQs and their answers to know how they work.

Q.1 What pressure point relieves gas?

Conception Vessel 6 (CV6) pressure point relieves gas effectively. The CV6 point is also known as the Sea of Energy Point. The CV12, ST36, B23 & B47 and P6/PC6 pressure points are also effective to relieve gas and digestion issues.

Q.2 Can acupressure help with digestive issues?

Yes, acupressure can help with digestive issues, you should apply the pressure points for gas and digestion issues shared above to get quick relief and improve your digestive system.

Q.3 How can I get rid of gas in my stomach fast?

You can get rid of gas in your stomach by drinking warm water, have probiotics and stimulating acupressure points for gas relief at home.

That’s All:

The above mentioned Acupressure Points for Gas and Stomach Problems are best of our knowledge as well as research. You can apply them on yourself or anyone suffering from gas to get quick relief at home.

The pressure points for gas and digestion issues are easy to find with pictures. You can stimulate them to get rid of gas in your stomach and improve your digestion system. For more queries regarding gas relief pressure points, ask us in the comment section, we will reply your queries shortly.

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