Pressure Points for Neck Pain Relief: What pressure point relieves neck pain?

Neck Pain is a common yet annoying problem for most people. It can occur in young and old people more and less in children. Acupressure is an effective way to relieve Neck Pain and Stiffness in Neck. It recommends some pressure points for neck pain situated on various body parts, you can stimulate those points to get relief in neck pain.

The neck pain can occur due to a sudden neck movement or a poor posture. It can also occur due to an injury or accident and other reasons. If the neck pain is serious and unbearable then you should consult a doctor otherwise use acupressure points to relieve neck pain without any side effect or harm to your physical/mental health.


Acupressure Points for Neck Pain Relief

Acupressure Points for Neck Pain are located at various spots in Human Body which are described as follows:

Neck Backside Points are useful to give relief in Neck Pain and Headache problems. There are total six Acupressure Neck Backside Points situated in the backside of Neck. The Neck Backside Points are divided into three parts i.e. Gates of Consciousness, Window of Heaven and Heavenly Pillar. Let us discuss about all three parts one by one:

Gates of Consciousness – Gallbladder 20 (GB20):

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Gates of Consciousness are a very useful pressure point for neck pain. It is also known as Gallbladder 20 and GB20 point. It has two pressure points as one on left side and other on right side. The GB20 point is situated in the backside of your neck.

Find the Acupressure Gates of Consciousness Points in the hollow between the muscles of your neck. The Neck backside muscles are in perpendicular form and you find the pressure points near the base of the skull. You can easily find the GB20 point(s) as displayed in picture.

Applying firm pressure on backside of your neck at Gallbladder 20 (Gates of Consciousness) will heal your Neck Pain, Neck Stiffness, irritability, dizziness and headache.

Window of Heaven – Triple Warmer 16 (TW16):

Acupressure Points for Neck PainWindow of Heaven is an important point pain in neck and shoulders. The Window of Heaven is also called Triple Warmer 16 and TW16 point. Just like Gates of Consciousness, the Window of Heaven has two pressure points as one point on each side on back of the neck.

Window of Heaven Acupressure Point for Neck Pain is situated in near the Gates of Consciousness and below the Base of the Skull. The exact place for Window of Heaven (TW16) is on the notch at the base of the skull. Find the TW16 Point from the picture mentioned above.

Applying proper pressure on Triple Warmer 16 point everyday to get best results. You should stimulate TW16 point(s) regularly to reduce Neck Pain, Stiffness in Neck, Pain in shoulder and Headache.

Heavenly Pillar – Urinary Bladder 10 (UB10/B10):

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Heavenly Pillar Point is helpful to ease stiffness in neck and heavy head. It is also called Urinary Bladder 10, UB10 and B10 in short. It has two pressure points on back of the neck situated at underneath of base of the skull.

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You can find Heavenly Pillar Acupressure Point exactly below the base of the skull about two to three centimeters distance. Find the UB10 point(s) as displayed in picture and apply pressure with your hand(s) on a regular basis.

Applying pressure on Bladder 10 point(s) regularly will help you in reducing insomnia, exhaustion, stiffness in neck, burnout, heavy head and stress.

You should stimulate acupressure points on neck backside on daily basis to get better results in neck pain and related issues.

Wind Mansion – Governing Vessel 16 (GV16):

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Wind Mansion Point is effective for neck pain as well as pain in ears, nose and throat. The other names for Wind Mansion Point is Governing Vessel 16 and GV16 for short. The GV16 point is situated exact backside of your head.

The Wind Mansion Point is below the Base of the Skull. Check the picture displayed above to find the Acupressure Wind Mansion (GV16) point on back of your head.

Applying firm pressure on Governing Vessel 16 point on a regular basis will heal the Neck Pain, Eyes Pain, Ears Pain, Pain in Nose, Stiffness in Neck, Throat problem and Shoulder Pain as well.

Completion Bone – Gall Bladder 12 (GB12):

Pressure Points for Neck Pain Relief: What pressure point relieves neck pain?

Acupressure Gall Bladder 12 Point provides quick relief in Neck Pain. The GB12 Point is also called Completion Bone Point and it is situated on both sides behind the earlobe, in the depression below the mastoid process.

Apply gentle pressure on Gall Bladder 12 Point for two minutes to relieve Neck Pain, Neck Stiffness, Headache, Shoulder Tension, Toothache, Cheek Swelling, Insomnia and Facial Paralysis.

Shoulder Well – Gallbladder 21 (GB21):

Acupressure pointsAcupressure Shoulder Well Point is very effective for neck pain and shoulder pain/tension. In acupressure therapy, it is called Gallbladder 21 (GB21) point which contains two points as one point on back of each shoulder.

The Shoulder Well Point is situated on top of the shoulder, at halfway between the tip of the shoulder and the spine. It is found on the shoulder line 3 centimeters far from Lower Neck. You should see the above picture to locate Shoulder Well (GB21) point easily.

As you reach the GB21 point on your shoulders, apply gentle pressure to get relief from neck pain and shoulder problems like Shoulder Pain, Fatigue, Shoulder Tension and Irritability.

Caution: Please do NOT apply any pressure on Shoulder Back Points if the patient is a Pregnant Woman.

Drilling Bamboo – Bladder 2 (B2):

Massage & SpaDrilling Bamboo Point is also helpful for healing neck pain. The other name for this point is Bladder 2 and B2. It contains two pressure points, each point located on the bridge of the nose on both sides underneath the eyebrow ends.

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You can spot the exact location of Drilling Bamboo Point by referring the above picture. After you find the Bladder 2 point, apply firm pressure on both sides together for 1 minute, then release.

Applying pressure on Acupressure Drilling Bamboo Point on daily basis will heal Neck Pain, Sinus, Hay Fever and Headache.

Fall Off Pillow – Falling from Pillow – Drop Pillow:

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You can get quick relief in stiffness of neck by using Fall Off Pillow pressure point on hand. It is also called Falling from Pillow, Drop Pillow and Luo Zhen. It is situated on back of the hand. You can locate it between 2 bones in depression after the knuckles of index finger and middle finger.

See the above picture to find Fall Off Pillow Point on your left hand and right hand. Apply firm pressure on both hands one-by-one for 1 minute each. You should stimulate the Drop Pillow Point regularly to heal neck pain and stiffness in neck.

Small Intestine 3 (SI3):

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Image Source:

Small Intestine 3 Point is useful for relieving pain in neck and upper back. It is also called SI3 point. It is located on the ulnar edge of the hand, proximal to the head of the fifth metacarpal bone where the light and the dark skin meet. Kindly refer above picture to find out SI3 point on your hand(s).

After you reach Small Intestine 3 Point, stimulate it on left hand for 1 minute and repeat the process on right hand. Applying pressure on SI3 point regularly will reduce your neck pain, stiffness/rigidity in neck, upper back pain, headache, sore throat, tinnitus, shoulder pain and elbow pain.

Hanging Bell – Suspended Bell – Gall Bladder 39 Point (GB39):

Gall Bladder 39 Point (GB39)Acupressure Gall Bladder 39 Point is helpful for Neck Pain and Stiffness. It is also called Hanging Bell and Suspended Bell. The GB39 Point can be found on lateral aspect of the lower leg, at 3 body inches above the tip of external malleolus. You can refer the above picture to locate GB39 point on your leg(s).

Hold the GB39 Point with your Thumb and apply firm pressure for one minute, then repeat same process on other leg. The Gall Bladder 39 Point will help to reduce Neck Stiffness, Leg Cramps, Tired Eyes, Neck Pain and Abdomen Bloating.

How Do Acupressure Points Work for Neck Pain Relief

The acupressure therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has defined several pressure points for neck pain and stiffness. The founders of acupressure claim that every person has meridians that take life force energy throughout the body.

The acupressure points work on neck pain by increasing blood circulation around neck and relaxing neck muscles. The acupressure points create a balance of energy in entire body so that it can function in its ideal way without any aches, pains, spasms, stiffness or fatigue.

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The acupressure therapy recommends most effective pressure points for neck pain that we have explained above. It does not suggest any medication, so acupressure points are completely harmless yet offers quick healing in neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and related issues.

Is acupressure or acupuncture better for neck pain?

The foundation of acupressure and acupuncture is same but acupressure uses hands (thumb & fingers) to stimulate pressure points, while acupuncture uses needles. The acupuncture may cause a little pain as it inserts needles at various pressure points on your body parts.

Both the acupressure and acupuncture are equally effective for neck pain relief. But acupuncture requires an expert to insert needles at pressure points, while you can press the acupressure points with hands by yourself.

When you apply acupressure points for neck pain, you just need to put firm pressure on each point location. You should feel stimulation but not pain when pressing a point, so acupressure is much better for neck pain in comparison of acupuncture therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neck Pain Pressure Points

The acupressure can heal neck pain with its pressure points situated on back of the back, shoulder back, hand, leg and face. Here I provide some FAQs about acupressure points for neck pain and their effectiveness in real life. Kindly read all questions and answers to clear your doubts and understand how acupressure can relieve neck pain.

Q.1 What pressure point relieves neck pain?

Gallbladder 20 pressure point relieves neck pain effective with regular stimulation. You can also stimulate GB21, TW16, GV16, UB10 and SI3 pressure points to get faster relief in neck pain.

Q.2 Where do you press on hand for neck pain relief?

You should press between index finger and middle finger (Fall Off Pillow) as well as at ulnar edge of the hand (Small Intestine 3) on hand for neck pain relief.

Q.3 Can acupressure points cure neck pain completely?

Yes, acupressure points can cure neck pain completely if you apply all pressure points regularly as well as keep your back & neck straight when sitting and standing for better posture.

Last Advice:

Acupressure Points for Neck Pain Relief explained above are best of our knowledge, research and experience. You can apply our suggested pressure points for neck pain at home to relieve neck pain and stiffness in neck effectively.

The neck pain pressure points work quickly on usual neck pain and stiffness caused by poor lifestyle. In case you had a neck injury then it’s better to consult a doctor to get your neck diagnosed and get necessary treatment.

In case you have more queries regarding how to relieve neck pain with acupressure points at home then ask us in the comment section. We will reply to your query with an appropriate answer soon.

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