Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore Throat

Acupressure Points for Cough are very effective when the Cough is not chronic. In this post, we are going to share all acupressure points for cough relief so that you can use them for self-treatment at home. The acupressure therapy is a natural way to heal cough and cure it completely.

When you face some Allergic Climate, you may have Cough for one to two days. But if the Cough is not stopping or growing more, you should take Cough Treatment. The acupressure points can relieve dry cough, wet cough, sore throat, throat pain and other symptoms of cough. You just need to stimulate cough pressure points to see how they work.


Cough: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Causes of Cough

Cough can happen by many different causes. Cold, Flu, Laryngitis, Virus and Viral Infection (in Throat) are common Causes of Cough. However, the Acute Cough is caused by Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Hay Fever, while Chronic Cough happens because of Smoking, Asthma and Some Medications.

Symptoms of Cough

When you are affected with Cough (Common Cough) , you will have one or more of the Symptoms given below:

  • Runny Nose
  • Sore Throat
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Wheezing/Whistling while Breathing
  • Night Sweating
  • Heartburn
  • Feeling Weakness in a little Exercise
  • Mild Fever

Treatment of Cough

Common Cough doesn’t require much attention, you can cure it through Acupressure Points, Home Remedies and Some Food/Drink Prevention. Here we provide All types of Treatments of Cough Available for you as follows:

  • Acupressure Therapy/Massage
  • Home Remedies
  • Homeopathic Medicines
  • Ayurvedic Medicines
  • Medication (Allopathy)

You can cure the Common Cough with Acupressure Points. Here we will discuss all most effective Acupressure points for Cough Relief.

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief

We will provide the list of pressure points for cough and then we will explain all points in detail. Following Acupressure Points are very effective for Cough Relief.

  1. Heaven Rushing Out Point (CV22)
  2. Elegant Mansion Point or Kidney 27 (K27 or KD27)
  3. Heavenly Pillar Point (B10 or BL10)
  4. Three Mile Point or Stomach 36 (ST36)
  5. Lung 5 Point (LU5)
  6. Lung 8 Point (LU8)
  7. Kidney 6 Point (K6 or KD6)
  8. Ding Chuan Point (Stop Asthma Point)
  9. Lung 7 Point (LU7)
  10. Lung 6 Point (LU6)

Let us discuss all the above pressure points in detail to know their location and stimulation process to relieve cough and throat pain.

01. Heaven Rushing Out Point – Conception Vessel 22 (CV22):

Acupressure Points for Cough ReliefAcupressure Heaven Rushing Out Pressure Point is an important point for Cough Relief. This Point is also called Conception Vessel 22 Point and it is found in the base of the throat, in large hollow just below the Adam’s apple.

Apply gentle pressure on Heaven Rushing Out Point to relieve Dry Cough, Sore Throat, Heart Burn, Chest Congestion and Bronchitis.

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02. Elegant Mansion Point or Kidney 27 (K27 or KD27):

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore ThroatAcupressure Elegant Mansion Point is effective to give Relief in Coughing and Breathing Problems. The Elegant Mansion Point is also known as Kidney 27 Point, it is located next to the breastbone in the hollow below collarbone.

Apply mild pressure on Elegant Mansion Point for two minutes to heal Cough, Chest Congestion, Asthma and Anxiety.

03. Heavenly Pillar Point – Bladder 10 (B10 or BL10):

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore ThroatAcupressure Heavenly Pillar Point is useful for Sore Throat and Cough Relief. The Heavenly Pillar Point is also named Bladder 10 Point, it can be found at two-three fingers below the base of the skull on ropy muscles.

Apply light pressure on Heavenly Pillar Point for one minute to relieve Sore Throat, Insomnia, Burnout, Neck Stiffness, Overexertion, Stress, Exhaustion and Heaviness in Head.

04. Three Mile Point – Stomach 36 (ST36):

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore ThroatAcupressure Three Mile Pressure Point is useful in healing Cough and Digestive Problems. The Three Mile Point is also called Stomach 36 Point located at four fingers width below the kneecap, one finger width aside shinbone.

Apply firm pressure on Three Mile Point (both legs) for two minutes. The ST36 Pressure Point will give instant relief in Cough, Toothache, Stress, Dizziness and Gastric Pain.

05. Lung 5 Point (LU5):

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore ThroatAcupressure Lung 5 Point is the best pressure point for both the Dry Cough and Wet Cough. You can locate the Lung 5 Point on radial side of the tendon of biceps, in cubical crease of the elbow.

Apply firm pressure on LU5 Point to get relief in Wet Cough, Dry Cough, Chest Congestion, Fever, Sore Throat and Water Retention in Lungs.

06. Lung 8 Point (LU8):

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore ThroatAcupressure Lung 8 Pressure Point is an amazing point for Cough Relief and Chest Pain. The LU8 Point is situated on radial palmer aspect of the forearm, one thumb below the wrist crease.

Apply firm pressure on Lung 8 Point one by one on both hands for two minutes. The Lung 8 Point will be helpful to clear Phlegm and reduce Cough, Asthma, Difficulty in Breathing, Distension, Fullness in Chest, Sore Throat.

07. Kidney 6 Point (K6 or KD6):

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore ThroatAcupressure Kidney 6 Point is useful to heal Cough and Sore Throat. The Kidney 6 Point can be found one thumb below the inside of the ankle bone, in depression below the tip of the medial malleolus.

Apply proper pressure on Kidney 6 Point on both feet for two minutes. The K6 Point will give Cough Relief and also heal Sore Throat, Urine Retention, Epilepsy, Prolapse of Uterus and Irregular Menstruation.

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08. Ding Chuan Point (Stop Asthma Point):

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief and Sore Throat

Acupressure Ding Chuan Point works very well on Asthma and Cough. The Ding Chuan Point is derived from Acupuncture and it is also known as Stop Asthma Point. You can find the Ding Chuan Point on lower border of spinous process of the back, half body inches lateral to cervical vertebra no.7.

Apply gentle pressure on Ding Chuan Point for one-two minutes to feel better in Cough, Asthma, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Thyroid Imbalances, Throat Problems and Neck Rigidity.

09. Lung 7 Point (LU7):

pressure points for coughAcupressure Lung 7 Point is useful for relieving persistent cough and sore throat issues. The Lung 7 Point is situated on radial margin of the forearm, proximal to the styloid process of the radius, 5 centimeters above the transverse crease of the wrist.

Find Lung 7 (LU7) Point on both hands as shown in the above picture. Apply firm pressure on LU7 point with your thumb and release after 1 minute. Repeat the process on the other hand. By stimulating the LU7 Point will provide quick relief in cough with phlegm/mucus, sore throat, asthma, nasal problems, headache, migraine and toothache.

10. Lung 6 Point (Lu6):

pressure points for coughAcupressure Lung 6 Point is useful for cough relief and chest congestion. The Lung 6 (LU6) Point is situated on inner side of the forearm, halfway between the wrist and the elbow, on the midpoint of the line joining the thumb side of the wrist to the elbow crease. Kindly see the above picture to find exact location of Lung 6 point.

Apply firm pressure on Lung 6 point for 1 minute on left hand and repeat the same on right hand. You should massage LU6 point on both hands 2-3 times everyday. The LU6 point helps to clear phlegm as well as relieve cough, chest congestion, asthma and breathing problems due to coughing.

Note: After Applying Acupressure Points for Cough Relief, Drink a lot of Warm Water. It will remove the Toxic Substances from your body.

Home Remedies for Cough Relief

You can get instant relief in Cough and its Symptoms with help of Acupressure Points and some Natural Home Remedies mentioned below:


Get One Cup of Warm Water, Add Some Lemon and Two Spoon Honey. Drink the Warm Water to reduce Coughing and Sore Throat.

Ginger Slice:

Cut the Ginger, remove its layers and Put One Ginger Slice inside your tongue. Repeat this process two three times a day to get relief in Cough.


Eat One Slice of Pineapple to get instant relief in Cough. Pineapple is a fruit that contains Bromelain which helps to reduce Cough and Mucus in Throat.

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Pour three-four drops of Peppermint Oil into 150 ml Hot Water. Inhale the Peppermint Vapors from Steam Bath. You can also Make and Drink Peppermint Tea for Cough Relief.

When Should I See a Doctor for Cough Treatment?

When the Cough lasts for more than 3 Weeks, it’s time you should consult a Doctor. The Doctor will diagnose your Cough and its Symptoms, then prescribe Best Medicines & Syrup for you. So you must know When to See a Doctor for Cough Relief. Here we provide Some Critical Symptoms of Cough when you must go to a Doctor for Cough Treatment as follows:

  • Blood coming with Cough
  • Mucus coming with Cough
  • Chest Pain during Coughing
  • Much Difficulty in Breathing
  • Problem in Swallowing Food
  • Too much Coughing while Eating/Drinking
  • Perpetual Change in your Voice
  • Fever is Not getting down/cured
  • Weight Loss

In case you have any of the above given Symptoms of Cough, you should immediately consult a Doctor for Cough Treatment. Acupressure Points or Home Remedies may Not work on Chronic Cough. Furthermore, if you have Blood in Coughing or High Fever/Chest Pain, it can be Dangerous to your Life. Please contact Doctor and get proper Treatment for Cough Relief.

Final Thoughts:

Acupressure Points for Cough Relief mentioned above are for information purpose only. Acupressure Therapy works effectively because it is based on the research of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the founder of acupuncture and acupressure treatment methods.

You should apply all pressure points to relieve cough, sore throat and other symptoms. If you want to know more about how to get rid of coughing at night or daytime then ask us in the comment section. We will be happy to answer your queries shortly.

FAQs about Pressure Points for Cough Relief

The acupressure points provide instant relief in cough, sore throat and its symptoms. Here we provide some common questions about acupressure therapy and its ability to cure cough symptoms. You should read all FAQs and their answers to know how effective acupressure is for relieving cough.

Q.1 Can acupressure stop coughing?

Yes, acupressure can stop coughing, you just need to stimulate the pressure points for cough relief we have shared above to stop coughing and feel relaxed.

Q.2 Can acupressure cure cough?

Yes, acupressure can cure cough for which you have to apply acupressure points for cough relief 2-3 times daily for several days until the cough goes away.

Q.3 What pressure points are effective for cough with phlegm?

The LU5, LU8 and PC6/P6 pressure points are effective for cough with phlegm, these points clear phlegm and relieve cough so that you can breathe properly.

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