9 Best Acupressure Points for Diabetes Control

Acupressure Points for Diabetes are most preferable for the people suffering from Diabetes. Acupressure is a harmless curing for Diabetes. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique heals Diabetes. Acupressure is helpful in various diseases like Headache, Migraine, Sinus Congestion, Eyestrain, Nasal Problems, Asthma, Anxiety, Diabetes etc. Acupressure Points for Diabetes must be practiced on a regular basis. Only then Acupressure shows better results.

Acupressure has various pressure points on body spots to cure Diabetes. Acupressure is almost 5000 years old therapy to heal any illness through applying mild pressure on pressure points. Here we are going to discuss Acupressure Points for Diabetes Control. If you or your loved one is suffering from Diabetes, you can apply Acupressure Points for Diabetes after consulting your Family Physician. Acupressure Points for Diabetes are very simple to find, you only need learn applying technique for pressure points. There are several types of Diabetes which are as follows:

  • Type1 Diabetes: This Diabetes occurs when the insulin cannot be produced in body. Type1 Diabetes is also called as Insulin Depended Diabetes. When the insulin is not enough in the body, the person is required to take injections to balance sugar intensity in blood.
  • Type2 Diabetes: This Diabetes occurs due to lack of absorption of sugar. When the cells do not absorb the Sugar that lies outside the blood, the person is said to have Type2 Diabetes. The patient’s body cells create a constraint before insulin.

There is one more type of Diabetes that occurs in pregnant women. In this diabetes, the extra insulin is not produced in body of pregnant women. Acupressure is very effective to relieve Diabetes and its symptoms. Acupressure Points for Diabetes are situated at various spots on body (mostly on hand and foot). Acupressure Points which are helpful to heal Diabetes are described as under:

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Acupressure Points for Diabetes

  • Spleen Point (Lower Leg Point)
  • Liver Point (Foot Toe Point)
  • Kidney Point (Inner Foot Point)
  • Stomach Point (Inner Lower Leg Point)
  • Arthritis Point
  • Intestine Point
  • Urinary Point
  • Stress Relief Point
  • Big Toe Point

9 Best Acupressure Points for Diabetes

Acupressure Points are proven very effective and healing in Diabetes Problems. The above mentioned Acupressure Points for Diabetes that can be explained below:

Spleen Point (Lower Leg Point):

Acupressure Points for Diabetes control

Spleen Point is situated in lower leg. The Lower Leg Point is directly connected with the Spleen. Move towards the lower side of your leg to find Acupressure spleen pressure point. You can find the exact spot of Acupressure Spleen Point in behind the Shinbones. The Spleen Point is at above side of ankle bones.

Applying firm pressure on Spleen Point for at least 3 minutes a day will give you relief in Spleen related problems.

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Liver Point (Foot Toe Point):

Image Source: herbalshop.com

Image Source: herbalshop.com

Liver Point is located on the foot between the Big Toe and Second Toe. You can find the Acupressure Liver Point exact between the Big Toe and Second Toe. Apply mild pressure on Liver Point as adverse round with clock (i.e. reverse circle). Massage the area for 3 minutes daily between Big Toe and Second Toe to get relief in depression, stress, emotional condition etc.

Please do not apply pressure or massage Liver Point if the patient is drained. Because Acupressure Liver Point for Diabetes can make the situation worse with a tired person.

Kidney Point (Inner Foot Point):

Kidney Point is situated in inner side of Foot. Find Acupressure Kidney Point exact between the Ankle bone and Achilles muscle. Find the Kidney Point spot and apply pressure for 3 minutes every day. Applying regular pressure on Kidney Point will help you to improve the functioning and develop production of insulin in body.

Stomach Point (Inner Lower Leg Point):

Image Source: quizlet.com

Image Source: quizlet.com

Stomach Point is also very effective. You can find Acupressure Stomach Point in the inner side of lower leg. The exact point of Stomach Point is about eight centimeters on upper side of outer malleolus. Malleolus is the bony protuberance on either side of the ankle, at the lower end of the fibula. Find the Stomach Point and apply pressure firmly on the point spot to get rid of unnecessary toxins from the body.

Arthritis Point:

Acupresure Knee Point for Diabetes

Arthritis Point is situated below the Knee. The Arthritis Acupressure Point is exactly situated at 2 centimeters distance in below side from the Knee. Find the Arthritis (Below Knee) Point as shown in the picture below. Apply mild pressure on Arthritis Point for 5 minutes in daily routine to get relief in Arthritis, burning in stomach, indigestion problem and other problems.

Intestine Point:

Top Acupressure Points for  Diabetes

Intestine Point is very helpful for Diabetes. Acupressure Intestine Point is very popular for relieving many diseases. Intestine Point is also called Hand Valley Point. Acupressure Intestine Point is situated between the Index Finger and Thumb. Find the Intestine Point as displayed in below picture. Apply pressure on Intestine Point and massage that joint area on a regular basis to get relieve in Intestine. Applying pressure on Intestine Point will remove the excess heat from body and will give more energy. Massaging Intestine Point will help you to get rid of Stress.

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Urinary Point:

Diabetes Acupressure Points

Urinary Point is very important for Diabetes treatment. The person, who is suffering from Diabetes, must have urinary problem. Acupressure Urinary Point is helpful to decrease urinary related troubles. Urinary Point is located on backside of Knee cap. The exact place for Acupressure Urinary Point is behind the knee cap at center in leg. The picture of Urinary Point is presented below. Apply pressure on Urinary Point for 5 minutes on a regular basis to get benefits like relief in Additional Urination and other associated problems.

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Stress Relief Point:

Image Source: pointfinder.org

Stress Relief Point is situated on wrist on line up with Little Finger. Acupressure Stress Relief Point is helpful to relieve the Stress. Stress Relief Point is situated below the Little Finger, on Wrist as displayed in below picture. Apply pressure on Acupressure Stress Relief Point will help you to improve emotional state and reduce the Stress.

Big Toe Point:

Acupressure Points for Diabetes Relief

Big Toe Point is very useful pressure point for Diabetes. Acupressure Big Toe Point is situated on Big Toe of your Foot. Find the pressure point on Big Toe as shown in picture. Apply firm pressure on Big Toe (in both feet, one by one) every day. Applying proper pressure on Big Toe Point with your fingers will help you to cure / remove various symptoms of Diabetes.

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Acupressure Points For Diabetes Control

Acupressure Pressure Points for Diabetes are helpful as well as very effective. But it is advisable to consult an Expert or Acupressure Practitioner before you apply the Acupressure Points for Diabetes on yourself or any other person. Applying pressure in wrong way may create worse situation. If you have not learned pressure applying method, please do not try/apply Acupressure Points for Diabetes.

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