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12 Best Acupressure Points for Stress Relief and Anxiety

Acupressure Points for Stress Relief and Anxiety Most effective Acupressure Points for Relieving Stress and Anxiety and also prevent them to arise back. Acupressure is a very old technique to deal with various illnesses in human body. With help of Reflexology Acupressure Points, we can heal Stress and Anxiety. Acupressure is said almost 5000 years […]

Most Popular Acupressure Points for Self Treatment

Most Popular and Common Acupressure Points for Self Treatment. Acupressure is one of the most popular treatment therapies for Self Treatment. Acupressure technique has a few common pressure points that are very effective for Self Healing. Any person, who has a little knowledge about Acupressure, can easily apply Acupressure Points for Self Treatment. There is […]

Acupressure Points for Neck Pain Relief

Acupressure is an effective way to relieve Neck Pain and Stiffness in Neck. Acupressure Points for Neck Pain Relief are situated at various spots on body. Neck Pain and Stiffness are common problems in present time. The Neck Pain and Stiffness can be relieved through various methods like medication, acupressure, acupuncture etc. Among them acupressure […]

Acupressure Points to Relieve Gas and Stomach Problems

Stomach Gas and Indigestion Problems can be cured by various Acupressure Points. Here we provide some Acupressure points to relieve Gas and Stomach Problem.  Acupressure Points are very helpful to give relief in various stomach problems including Gas, Acidity, Burning, Indigestion, etc. Acupressure Points can reduce the Gas in Stomach and other Indigestion problems gradually. […]

Reflexology: Benefits and Limitations

Reflexology has many benefits as well as some limitations also. Here we will discuss about Reflexology Benefits and Limitations. What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a very old Chinese Acupressure Technique that is helpful to heal various deceases. Reflexology works on energy pathways of Human Body to cure the problems. Reflexology works on several pressure points […]

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