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Acupressure Points to Relieve Gas and Stomach Problems

Stomach Gas and Indigestion Problems can be cured by various Acupressure Points. Here we provide some Acupressure points to relieve Gas and Stomach Problem.  Acupressure Points are very helpful to give relief in various stomach problems including Gas, Acidity, Burning, Indigestion, etc. Acupressure Points can reduce the Gas in Stomach and other Indigestion problems gradually. Applying firm pressure on effective Acupressure Points regularly gives best relief to Stomach Pains, Gas Problems and Indigestion.

Acupressure Points have several spots on Feet, Hands and Stomach which should be stimulated on daily basis. There are many reasons behind various Stomach Problems i.e. improper food, fast eating, irrelevant time eating, Spicy and Sour food, Oily food, Junk food etc. Moreover, alcohol, tobacco, smoking habits is also responsible for Gas and Stomach related problems. Here we will discuss about Acupressure Points for Gas in Stomach and Indigestion Problems and applying methods as well as benefits.

Acupressure Points for Gas and Stomach Problems are as follows:

  1. Stomach Points
  2. Underneath Knee Points
  3. Foot Point
  4. Lower Back Points
  5. Hand Point

Acupressure Points for Gas and Stomach Problems (mentioned above) in details are as under:

Acupressure Points For Gas and Stomach Problems

Stomach Points: (Center of Power and Sea of Energy):

Image Source:

Image Source:

Stomach Points are situated on middle line of the body. Find one stomach point above the Navel (Center of Power) and find another point under the Navel (Sea of Energy). Under the Navel point is about 2 centimeters distance. Find the stomach pains as displayed in picture. Apply pressure on the stomach points regularly to get relief in Gas and other problems.

Applying pressure on stomach points reduces Stomach pains, abdominal contraction, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, lower back pain emotional stress, frustration etc. To get results faster, practice the Acupressure Stomach Points on regular basis.

Must Read: Please do not apply pressure on stomach points if the person has any critical decease like Heart Decease / High Blood Pressure / Cancer.

Underneath Knee Points: (Three Mile Point)

Acupressure Points to Relieve Gas

Underneath Knee Points are situated below your knee cap. Find the Underneath Knee Points below 3 to 4 centimeters of the Knee cap. On finding the Underneath Knee Point, put your thumb or finger on that point and move your foot. The Underneath Knee Points are situated at the place as displayed in the picture. The muscle at the point will active. Apply firm pressure on the Underneath Knee Points.

Acupressure Underneath Knee Points are helpful in improvement of digestion system, stomach-aches and stomach exhaustion.

Foot Point: (Grandfather Grandson)

Image Source:

Image Source:

The Foot Point is situated on the curve about 1 to 1.25 centimeters gap from Ankle. As you find the Acupressure Foot Point for Gas and Stomach problems, apply pressure on the point spot. The exact place of Foot Point is as displayed in picture. Applying pressure on Foot Point every day will redule abdominal pains, stomach aches, diarrhea and anxiety.

Lower Back Points: (Sea of Vitality)

Sea of Vitality Acupressure points for Stomach Problem

Lower Back Points are situated in lower side on waist level. Lower Back Points are also called Sea of Vitality. Acupressure Lower Back Points are easy to find as displayed in picture below. Find the Lower Back Points, four points on the waist level. Apply pressure on the lower back points to get benefits like relief in stomach pains, indigestions and also helpful for reducing abdominal pain.

Note: Please do not apply pressure on Lower Back Points if you have weakness in back. Do not apply pressure on joint discs or a point which is fractured. Applying pressure on such spots may lead you to more danger condition.

Hand Point: (Inner Gate)

Acupressure Hand Point

The Hand Point is situated in the backside of wrist. Hand Point is mainly named Inner Gate Point. The exact point for Inner Gate Point is in the middle of the backside of wrist. The Hand Point is situated at the spot as displayed in picture. As you find the inner gate, apply gentle pressure on daily basis.

Applying Pressure on Hand Point will help you in reducing anxiety, improve digestion, give relief in nausea and eliminate stomach-aches.

Acupressure Points for Gas and Stomach Problems:

The above mentioned Acupressure Points for Gas and Stomach Problems are best of our knowledge as well as research. Please consult an Acupressure Expert Practitioner / Doctor before applying such points.

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